retail stores as a result of the usual faces are scattered customers, a deal will not be great, therefore, once encountered a group of customers, thinking can make a fortune, are happy to open the flower. As everyone knows, although the group buying business is profitable, however, a careless, it is possible to let the owner suffered great losses.

buy, but a tempting cake, we have a lot of retail customers in order to seize the large group of customers, usually can not spend less brains. However, the group in the possession of a huge business opportunities, but also hidden in the invisible crisis, once the improper operation, it is possible to make their own losses.

I have a deep feeling. It was 08 years before the May Day holiday, in order to be able to get these big business, I did not mind less, but also pulled a lot of customers buy. Even the usually business downturn rubber shoes factory is also under a sum of more than 20 thousand orders. Looking at a thick Bibi order, I was also delighted, and door-to-door, and bombarded accounts. But let me unexpected is just in order at the time of the rubber shoes factory to pay two thousand yuan deposit, again bombarded balance, they are today till tomorrow, tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, it forced no law, only symbolically to a few hundred dollars, we send to walk.

because there are a large sum of money held in the hands of the people, I did not dare to say a word hard words. Only sometimes, and they go to the polishing, grinding is urgent, they head to my mouth, say many objective reasons, is not willing to take "gold and silver", make my business side, while debt collection, until now, there are nearly a million yuan of funds has not received, now in retrospect, it is green regret the intestines, blame themselves for the moment made????, without careful consideration, just make yourself in a passive.

so, I would like to advise colleagues, for those enterprises there are goods group purchase, sale, you can be ready "Xianzi", not on a loyalty and impulse, and make their own losses. But only if you put the money in your pocket. Some goods on sale, the longer the delay, the smaller the probability of recovery.

especially large group buying business. You need to get it right. For those not good reputation, not just doing things, it is best to cash, sometimes would rather not do this business, don’t bother. Many around us retail customers, is because it was not considered comprehensive, detailed, regardless of the consequences, or because of the sensibilities, finally eat "yabakui".

, of course, not all of a customer can not credit, this is the case. For some good reputation, usually with the business units, can be appropriate to consider, but will be operated based on the two sides negotiated the repayment date, usually for no Shenzhen, don’t know what those enterprises should be cautious about the group purchase, operation >

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