now the air pollution problem is serious, want to have a high quality of life, indoor air purification equipment is necessary, therefore, to bring opportunities for the market, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to ten of indoor air purifier brand rankings, indoor air purifier which sign is good, let consumers know more about.

in the air purifier market at present, the purification efficiency and production technology of the leading enterprises from the UK is also currently Stiga fertile brand, the industry mainstream brands. List of ten indoor air purifier brand rankings. The product is used in Stiga fertile activated carbon filter new technology, can effectively absorb harmful substances in the air, improve the indoor air quality. Is Stiga fertile has been focused on the production and manufacturing of air purifier products, so that the whole industry is very popular with consumers. Regardless of the current market in Europe or Asia market, Stiga fertile visibility and market share is very high, a corporate brand influence is very great.

Second: Boston

Third: Dorrance

Dorrance is one of entering China’s first batch of air purifier brand. The early days of the establishment of the brand is to study indoor air pollution purification, so from the beginning is the expert in the air purifier market occupied a large proportion. Duolun environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. has been established for more than a hundred years, so the purification of air purification products, product production experience and sales model has accumulated a wealth of experience. List of ten indoor air purifier brand rankings.

Fourth: YADU

beauty is home appliances chiefs, air purifier products the appearance of it is loved by people, the volume of air purifier is relatively small, is a product design for the air purifier little and dainty, plus a lot of beauty. List of ten indoor air purifier brand list of well-known brands.

sixth: PHILPS



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