set up shop to do business, of course, is the hope that the business is booming, for home textile store owner is also the case. So, home textile franchise store boss how to let the shop business is booming? Here, the small series for you to disclose the necessary 4 home textile franchise business skills, help stores more smoothly.



window display, store display, store and POP.   run a good store at least 2 months to replace a window display, each containing a theme. In store display also needs to be consistent with the theme of the display window, the overall display 1 months of change, the most important samples show the best   a change of 10 days. There is a new sense of change, consumers will be attracted into the store. The head of the home textile store should be kept clean, POP and promotional to be creative and consistent with the theme of the store.



promotional information delivery, publicity, community designated specific population association, the old with the new.   no publicity, no sales. We can advertise by the following methods:

1, through the film and television, newspapers and magazines and downtown hanging posters posters;

2, do publicity page, part of the store, part of the downtown area and some communities;

3, in front of the shop window layout posters, to cover the entire window of the big posters, fully attract customers;

4, through the old customers with new customers to shop, word-of-mouth transmission;

5, the release of a number of gifts, tangible and intangible goods through publicity.

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