In rural areas, because

itself has many characteristics, so businesses in rural areas tend to timely adjust measures to local conditions, to find more suitable for local investment business projects, the construction team do biogas in rural areas more popular now.

in rural biogas construction team better than do the project is not rich. Say it well, fortunately where

A is of national importance, all subsidies, rural modernization, biogas is an important index; two is from the rural farmers welcome, can also be used on the gas

". Three is the high efficiency, the construction team annual profits of up to   20  million yuan. The center of the two construction team, has been doing business for more than three years.

Biogas Ecological agriculture to promote the country, it can provide free clean energy for farmers. All over the broadsword promotion, it is a place for rural youth treasure! The center from   2003  years began to organize the biogas construction team, because the use of steel concrete construction technology is advanced, and the "eight guarantees" service measures, welcomed by farmers, and achieved good social and economic benefits. Now around the training of biogas construction technicians.

the Ministry of steel concrete construction technology, construction method is one of the most advanced, the utility model has the advantages of fast speed, good quality, low cost, long service life,   compared with the traditional brick structure, each built a   10    cubic meters; biogas pool, working hours can reduce the   7 ,   construction period can be shortened; 4  day, the cost can be reduced by   300  yuan.

biogas construction, professional construction team should be organized form of foreign contracted personnel, by   8  members, which will have a technicians through learning, the content of the contract is: labor, package materials, package quality, package installation, package of electric ignition stove, including the church use, management consulting, package the package of maintenance "eight packs of" all-round quality service measures. The main equipment for steel mould, truck, vibrator etc..

(three) benefits

state for the promotion of biogas projects, subsidies incentives for farmers to build the pool. To build a   10    cubic meters; automatic discharging methane tank as an example of hydraulic pressure, total charge of   1400  yuan, in addition to government subsidies   350  yuan (around the same number of subsidies) farmers only need to pay   1050&n recommendation;

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