for college students, entrepreneurship and job is two different kinds of job selection, a hard road, but also the entrepreneurial road full of thorns, so for the contemporary college students, business difficulties in the end where is it? What is hindering the pace of college students?

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VQ freshly squeezed juice Xin classmate told reporters: college students really difficult. However, the selection of projects, manage the team, intentions to operate, the daily income of over million is not a problem. "

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: "first, I very much agree with the concept of VQ Fresh Juice — always adhere to 100% Fresh Juice. Because of good products for consumers, is the market is really needed products. Then, in fact, early in the business, I also feel the stones across the river, a lot of things are not very understand. But VQ side taught me a lot, whether it is from the capital, or store management, have given me a lot of help."

VQ Fresh Juice has been very supportive of College Students’ entrepreneurship, from the beginning of 2014, started to support students’ Entrepreneurship Program, given interest free loans every examination successful business students 100 thousand yuan, to become the VQ Fresh Juice shop stores shareholders and operators, cultivate their entrepreneurial thinking, enterprising spirit and management ability. To assist each college students in a reasonable plan to avoid risks, successful business.

2015 fresh fruit juice will continue to strengthen the efforts to support college students. Early 2014, VQ fresh fruit juice has been working with Wanda Group, launched the college students entrepreneurship training. Here, Xiaobian believe: VQ fresh fruit juice will join Wanda Group, continue to cultivate a successful college entrepreneurs. A new batch of College entrepreneurs, will also continue to maintain the leading position in the domestic fresh fruit juice VQ. To go out of the country, to the world.

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