said to management activities under the Chinese venture what is different with the past, that is in the tide of entrepreneurship in the government played an important role. A variety of entrepreneurial support have been introduced for the public entrepreneurs to create a platform for entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of the new year

"big cloud – think tank" youth hit off the headquarters for Wang Ke said, the future will be the base of service innovation of enterprises as the core concept, technology first, follow up, capital industry agglomeration, innovation and development of the new economic era and hit off the public record mode, realize the Zhou Yamanaka Oemi enterprises gathered, grow and achieve innovation and entrepreneurial team in Zhoushan and for creating more air plant, docking more capital to help customers create better development of enterprises.

the government "platform" for youth, also won acclaim and media entrepreneur support. At the end of last year, China Youth newspaper to carry out hundreds of colleges and universities innovative talent into the Shanghai Qingpu activities, but also a strong sense of the new trend of government functions.

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