even in the same street, even if there are several retail stores around, however, some shops business can be very hot, so the store is undoubtedly a business skills. When chatting with colleagues will always hear such as "now the market competition, business is difficult to do," the complaint. This remark is not false. There are several small supermarkets in the street where my store is located. On the area, I shop the smallest; on the location of my shop is not the best. But on business, I do better than the others.

I think, shop to learn empathy, as long as we can put the interests of customers in the first place, for their sake, to help them account, will certainly win the trust of customers.

a day at noon, a customer of a door said: "boss, give me 3 bottles of 125 ml of fresh wine."

I took the wine, just ready to the customer, suddenly reminded of the most recent store inventory more catty liquor. Then I smiled and said: "this is your treat, I suggest you buy two bottles of wine can be."

customers see a face of doubt, I explained: "it is recommended that you take a bottle of 125 ml and a 258 ml bottle of wine."

then, I gave him the accounts: 125 ml of fresh wine is 10 yuan, to buy 3 bottles of what you need to spend 30 yuan. Now take a bottle of 125 ml of fresh wine is 10 yuan, 258 ml of fresh wine is 19 yuan, add up to 29 yuan. You saved a dollar on the price, in the amount you have more than 8 ml. Would you like to take 3 bottles of 125 ml, or take a bottle of 125 ml and a 258 ml bottle of wine?"

, of course, is a small bottle and a bottle of medium, not only to save money but also the amount, I do not why?" The customer took the money and said with a smile.

a few days later, the customer come to my shop to buy wine. Just enter the door, he asked me: "boss, today we are 4 people to drink wine, do you think I should buy what kind of specifications of the wine?"

"you can buy 38 yuan a bottle of wine, 520 ml! You saved 2 yuan on the price, you have more than the amount of the amount of 20 ml."

the presence of a few customers listened to my explanation, have thumbs up: boss will really settle accounts for customers. The general store, only pay out, where is so much ah!"

although the shop is to make money, but if not for the customer to consider, there is no way to get the customer’s recognition, and then let the business development. Therefore, in peacetime operation, we should put the interests of customers in the first place, so that they feel at the same time consumption

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