silk road has a profound impact on China’s ancient economy, but also to the world recognized China’s silk products. Silk road is divided into the Silk Road and the Silk Road on the sea, the new century Maritime Silk Road Exhibition opened in Dongguan, attracting the attention of countless people.

10 on Sept. 27, twenty-first Century 2016 Guangdong Maritime Silk Road International Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "sea fair") opened in Guangdong city of Dongguan Province, Guangdong modern international exhibition center. This exhibition a total of 73 countries and regions participating exhibitors, exhibitors from 52 countries and regions, the establishment of 39 countries (regions) Museum, the exhibition area of nearly 70 thousand square meters, outside the country to exhibit participants a new high, is expected to come from the home and abroad professional buyers will be more than the last.

to attend the opening ceremony of the director of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Huang Longyun, provincial committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Shen Hai Hsiung, vice governor of Hesse Expo Organizing Committee Director, He Zhongyou, vice president of Micronesia Yousiwo · George, Deputy Prime Minister of Vanuatu Joe · natuman, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Thai Chinese Friendship Association President · Tapat Langxi more than 1000 domestic and foreign guests.

Hayes fair was founded in 2014, proposed by the Secretary Hu Chunhua personally plan. The Deputy Prime Minister of the ocean, Guangdong implement the national "The Belt and Road" strategy and an important platform to carry out economic and trade, tourism, culture and all-round cooperation with countries along.

after the first two Hester exposition and overseas roadshow, Guangdong Expo held Hester got along the country especially the roadshow target understanding, support and recognition, including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries along the most and are involved in activities related to Hester Expo, or participate in the secretariat the promotion activities, or participate in the exhibition, or to purchase, or to participate in the exhibition theme of the forum. Through a series of activities to promote the relevant countries to participate in the Expo Hester, not only to expand the Hester Expo international reputation, but also to enhance the Guangdong influence in the countries along and related areas, but also promote the Guangdong along with the national and regional comprehensive cooperation relationship, more important is to achieve a fair mind, in order to build a pragmatic platform to implement the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, the countries along and related areas through this international platform to deepen "China Belt and Road Initiative" strategic understanding, support and participation.

The Mauritius Pavilion is

, although this year for the first time exhibitors, but has very strong lineup of exhibitors, a total of 30 enterprises, 34 booths. Exhibits include tourism products, specialty food, handicrafts, etc.. Mauritius has been part of the maritime Silk Road, but also an important exporter of strategic corridor in Asia and africa. Hester Expo is a non recommended

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