whether a shop product is good, but because of new, coupled with fierce competition of the industry, if not for the promotion, I am afraid the visibility of the shop will be greatly reduced. So, if it is to open a new cake shop, it is necessary to do a good job in the promotion of the brand, which also plagued many people, do not know how to carry out the relevant work. So, how to do a good job in the new cake shop brand promotion?

The role played by

as everyone knows advertising in all walks of life are not to be underestimated, if want to let more people know your brand, not just their own minor, but need to do. But many people think in web advertising or subway loop like even if it is to complete the task, in fact, want to open a cake shop good advertisement is not an easy thing, it is an art, art and skill is a rational use of resources, efficient and economical use of investment. Good advertising will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, on the contrary, it will cause unnecessary consequences, and even evolved into negative publicity. So how should the new cake shop be advertised? Xiao Bian think can start from the following aspects,

first, before the opening of the advertising strategy preheating propaganda

opened a cake shop in general before opening the shop decoration work, and this period is a good advertising warm-up period. The first cake store information in the local forum, Post Bar work such as subtle propaganda, complete the publicity preheating baking shop, brand shop opened a gun fired, laid the foundation, according to the shop is located in what areas, and make the appropriate planning, such as suspense etc.! How to advertise the new cake shop?


trial operation near or trial operation, it is recommended not to do more advertising, business is business running and test preparation period, this time about 7 to 10 days, this period of time is to review technology, training, positioning, management, service, procurement, planning, coordination. Can be posted in front of the cake shop trial business, improper, please bear!" POP card, during which the proposed products do not discount. If the trial business is ready, can be opened on time, the trial business in the preparation or technical, positioning, if the problem can be appropriately extended trial period.

two, the focus of advertising strategy in the promotion of

1, near the opening of the advertising: near the opening of the 2-5 days, can be in the local mainstream newspapers and other media on the plane advertisement, and opened a few days near the newspaper design in the area of advertising every lock. Can be selected in the local traffic Taiwan media, near the opening time to take this approach, the effect is very good.

2, the opening ceremony of the advertising

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