market industry prospects, many entrepreneurs face the market, choose to venture in the online Taobao store, now Taobao stores are everywhere, the shop’s business and promotion is more and more difficult, the details of Taobao shop page of the sales promotion is great importance. So, Taobao shop promotion what skills?

. A distinctive name

when many consumers search baby, some buyers will use the shop name search method, so the design of Taobao shop name is also very important. The design of the name, it is best to and their sales of related products, personal and easy to remember, play the effect is relatively high.

bulletin board.

bulletin board in fact on a miniature advertising equivalent to shop, so if Taobao store any content or the latest situation should be indicated in the bulletin board, so that consumers can use the fastest speed to understand online information.

three. Store message

shop recommended.

credit evaluation.

in the Taobao credibility and credit system, Taobao store credit evaluation must be good, otherwise it will affect consumer confidence.

personal space.

most Taobao shop seller will ignore this one, however, the first place to enter from the forum click on the picture, is the personal space, so it is a piece of content must not be empty.

seven. The recommended window

the recommended window technique is to recommend going to the shelves of the baby, and recommend the best time to Taobao relatively large flow of time, such as 9 in the morning to 10 points, 2 points to 5 points or 8 points to 10 points in the afternoon, the evening.

now online at Taobao stores need to face various problems, want to win a good business, small sellers can hope Taobao from seven aspects above to manage Taobao industry, to maintain a good reputation, in order to attract more consumers, so that they can better for entrepreneurship and management, lay the foundation for success!

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