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rice noodles to join the brand, and this is also to meet the different tastes of contemporary consumer demand for food and beverage. Beef noodle is a popular snack food items. If you choose to open a beef noodle shop, it will bring you huge economic benefits. So the beef noodle to join which good?

raw beef powder from Guizhou, Guizhou, is a local flavor delicacy known to every family All the world knows. Beef powder based on flower Yue River inherited the traditional crafts of Guizhou Huaxi beef powder, combined with modern food technology, the Australia New Zealand imported beef as main raw material, add pepper, aniseed, clove, cinnamon and other eighteen kinds of natural spices, after boiling, crane, halogen, against the "multi food processing form. Flower aroma of fresh beef powder Yue River integration of high-quality beef, tripe, and of zeal and secret brewed Rice noodles beef broth, color, aroma and taste, people lead a person to endless aftertastes.

flower Yue River beef noodle join advantage:

advantage one: product taste good

flower Yue River beef powder based on traditional technology of Guizhou Huaxi beef powder, combined with modern technology, the Australia New Zealand imported beef as raw material, with carey brewed beef soup, the taste is thick, color, aroma and taste, is not tired of eating 100 lead a person to endless aftertastes.

advantage two: product line rich

flower Yue River beef powder products rich, covering beef powder, rice, soup, delicious dishes, wheaten food and drinks six series, the core of main meal of beef powder up to ten, the range of nearly 30 products, to meet customer needs diversity.

advantage three: simple operation, fast

beef powder products 90% flower Yue River to store the completion rate, simple operation, no need to cook a meal; speed, 40 seconds out meals in the dining time, reduce customer waiting time meal, increase rate of over Taiwan, the maximum increase turnover.

advantage four: small investment, quick return, flexible location

investment estimated at 10-15 million (excluding rent), we provide professional kitchen design, providing the best food and beverage equipment, to join the business to save money. Shops in the area between 50-120 flat, flexible location, to meet the needs of more franchisees business.

advantage five: store fashion, leading the new trend of fast food

flower Yue River beef powder invited the South Korean leading designers of interior design, modern and stylish combination of elegant dining environment and comfortable, create a better > to customers

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