said wufangzhai surely we must for this product is not strange, presumably the most familiar is the brand shop of dumplings, it is a large business food distribution chain stores. Then the wufangzhai how? The following small series will be a simple introduction to the brand.

"wufangzhai" was founded in 1921, after the unremitting efforts of several generations, wufangzhai group has developed into a set of food, agriculture, real estate, finance and trade as a whole, to create a national brand of the century legend.

wufangzhai group is committed to build "from the land to the table" in the food industry chain, the core subsidiary of Zhejiang wufangzhai industrial Limited by Share Ltd, has formed the dumplings, rice, Steamed Rice products, LO products series, build through scientific research, raw material supply, production, logistics, sales, catering services, food industry chain. At present, the company has three big pork rice, bamboo leaves, raw material base, Jiaxing, Chengdu, Guangdong three large food processing and distribution center, marketing throughout the country, and the establishment of wufangzhai shop, Chinese fast food, assured breakfast three linkage system. At the same time, but also actively explore new marketing models such as e-commerce and overseas markets.

at present, wufangzhai dumplings have become the country more sales of leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, * * *, the national food industry tax hundred, the top 100 catering, wufangzhai was identified as A Well-Known Trademark in China, wufangzhai dumplings production techniques have been included in the * * * intangible cultural heritage.

wufangzhai group leader to build rice products industry brand, creating famous brand in Chinese fast-food chain as the goal, to become a respected, to rice products as the core product, has a complete industrial chain China food leader.


above is the wufangzhai food store briefly, if you are interested to join the brand project, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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