beef jerky can be said to be a lot of people are very fond of a snack, but the brand is different, the taste will have a very big difference. So, beef jerky which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce the top ten brands of beef jerky, which can help consumers choose to do a good job of beef products.

beef jerky list of the top ten brands, NO.1:

"newto" beef jerky is produced by Guizhou Yonghong food Co. Ltd., "newto" by the Guizhou plateau to fresh beef with more than ten kinds of natural materials and refined, and the strict quarantine and inspection, to achieve the national food hygiene index. Over the years to the old brand, good reputation, high taste and loved by the vast number of consumers, has always enjoyed the reputation of "beef dry triple crown". "Niu licensing" series of products from 1998 to date has been awarded the title of brand-name products in Guizhou province. Products sell well all over the country, exported to Russia and other countries and regions. The "cow" brand series of products have been held in domestic food authority exhibition, won gold, silver, People’s Insurance Company of China to give quality insurance, has long been Chinese International Airlines selected for international flights on food.

beef jerky list of the top ten brands NO.2, Wuzhou:

Mengcheng Hongjian Food Co. Ltd is located in the hometown of Chuang-tzu, Mengcheng County, the county is national cattle, Jiangsu Yurun Group Based on the acquisition of the original "Wuzhou" brand of beef on the newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary. The main production of dried beef, beef, stewed beef, beef sauce and other six series of more than and 50 varieties of five kinds of flavor, this product is made of high quality beef, using advanced processing technology, with high protein and low fat body function, after tasting the lead a person to endless aftertastes. The company’s quality system, has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification, pollution-free agricultural products certification, "China" brand products China International Exposition "famous brand", "Anhui famous brand" and "the focus of the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprise" title, have the beef snack food industry’s core competitive ability.

beef jerky list of the top ten brands, NO.3:

Zhejiang Yi Jia fragrant food group Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1996, the company has the solid foundation and strong financial and technical strength, led the production of "Yi Jia Xiang" beef jerky, halogen halogen products, semi fresh series six categories, eighty-four varieties, specifications, product with unique flavor is not only popular in our province around the city, county, Shanghai, Jiangsu, but also in Shandong, Fujian, Liaoning, Guangdong, Hubei and other more than and 10 provinces, the initial formation of the province to the National Center for radiation around the marketing .

The ten brands list NO.4,


> Liuyanggou dried beef

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