Through the new year’s day in 2014 December 30, 2013, jointly organized by the Qinghai Willow Bay Pottery Museum in Qinghai, Shanghai Folk Museum, Lu Xun Memorial Hall "Jiang Heyuan prehistoric civilization – Qinghai pottery exhibition opened at the Lu Xun Memorial Hall in Shanghai, showing the Qinghai prehistoric culture and mysterious kingdom pottery style to the Shanghai audience. The exhibition displays 52 pieces of pottery in the culture of the Neolithic age. Shanghai TV, Wen Wei Po, 10 media coverage of the exhibition. Exhibition to the end of February 10, 2014. 52 pieces of pottery relics of the exhibition is selected from nearly 20 thousand pieces of pottery pottery "Kingdom of Qinghai Willow Bay Pottery Museum, the representative pottery products, including majiayiao type, mid type and Machang type, shape rich, unique style, exquisite designs, all the decoration complex, one of the a nude portrait painted pottery pot has been entered in China Art History textbook. Majiayao culture belongs to the most beautiful pottery Neolithic period of Chinese civilization in the morning sunlight, is representative of China pottery prehistoric the Yellow River basin heyday, reflects the Chinese ancestors in ancient times to achieve a number of cultural achievements. The exhibition in order to provide a taste of prehistoric the Yellow River pottery art treasures the opportunity for pottery researchers and enthusiasts, set up a bridge to communicate with each other, let the audience to appreciate the essence of Qinghai prehistoric civilization in the international metropolis of Shanghai.  

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