9 5, the Personnel Bureau of labor security supervision brigade received from Henan, Shandong province 57 workers complained: Wang Datong factory from August did not pay workers wages, the contractor workers Yang Chengdong unaccounted for, the mood is very excited.

after receiving complaints, the Personnel Bureau immediately organized personnel rushed to the Wang factory to understand the situation, on the one hand, on the other hand, emotional stability of migrant workers, to the factory the legal representative on national labor and social security laws and regulations, coordinate and solve the matter. After verification: brick has been paid to the contractor Yang Chengdong wages in August, the contractor did not promptly pay the wages of Yang Chengdong, whereabouts unknown. With the active consultation with the brick factory, by raising funds in advance to pay the wages of migrant workers, paid to the contractor Yang Chengdong funds through legal channels to recover. Day 20 am, the wages of the people of the 150 thousand yuan in the supervision of the labor supervision of workers under the supervision of one by one to the hands of the 57.

in the future, the Personnel Bureau will jointly relevant departments to further intensify its efforts to combat malicious escape pay behavior, ensure that wages for mass incidents triggered by timely and safe disposal, and earnestly safeguard the harmonious and stable labor relations in Datong county.


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