February 4th, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission composed of inspection teams, the main non-staple food supply during the holiday season and the market price of Xining.

inspection group and his entourage went to the provincial capital of meteorological Lane farmers market, Mo Street comprehensive farmers market, Beijing Hualian Supermarket and other places, focusing on understanding the view of supply and price change is closely related to the life of the masses and the grain, meat, milk, vegetables and other agricultural products, check the market price tag, zero slip publicity etc.. From the inspection situation, the provincial market during the holiday season, an adequate supply of goods, prices generally stable, the vast majority of businesses in accordance with the provisions of the sale price.

in order to guarantee the supply and price stability, I actively organize transporting vegetables and meat, strictly implement the zero slip control, the maximum retail price limit and other measures, at the same time, into the price adjustment fund to give subsidies to businesses and post stall. For the Spring Festival after the emergence of a temporary shortage of supply of vegetables, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the person in charge of the relevant departments to increase the intensity of transportation of vegetables in the field, as early as possible to ensure that people’s food dish is not short of food.


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