in order to speed up the implementation of beef and beef sheep doubling plan, this year, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry to beef cattle breeding system as a breakthrough, and actively carry out the improvement of dairy cattle breeding large county assessment activities. After strict evaluation and recommendation, chase, Huangzhong, mutual aid and 4 counties in Jianzha province was named the province’s dairy cattle breeding improved county.

as of now, the 4 farming county a total of 25 dairy cattle farm scale and 75 large farms, accounting for the province’s dairy cattle farm scale 13.6%; the existing column 236 thousand and 800 head of dairy cattle, dairy cattle herds accounted for 40.2%; the existing breeding 144 thousand and 100 cows, dairy cattle accounted for the total number of this year has been 41.6%; dairy cattle slaughter 145 thousand and 400, trafficking in fattening 88 thousand and 800, accounted for 61.05% of the total traffic.


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