December 6th, the reporter learned from the city bus company, from the beginning of December 8th, the Sea Lake Road, five bus lines will be replaced by a unified public bus, the fare will be lowered.

according to the introduction, first from the Sea Lake Road, five village bus line opened, has brought great convenience to the local people to travel, but because the line length of 45 kilometers, the road condition is complex, leading to the original large buses can not run smoothly, the bus failure rate, the loss is too large, the people traveling too bumpy, unable to the people along the route to provide better public transport services. Therefore, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the city’s leaders, from December 8th, the city bus company will be replaced by the line 15 buses for the new bus of the 19. After the replacement of the vehicle, from the whole line fares will be adjusted to 3 yuan 5 yuan coin, credit card 20 percent off, old card, student card each ride a reduction of 3 times, departure time is 7 a.m. to 6 points, the summer will be adjusted timely, two-way on bus.


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