In order to effectively protect the airport expressway (Xining section) along the ecological environment and improve the quality of the landscape, the city of Xining will be formulated "measures for the administration of the beautiful garden in Xining Beishan permanent green (Draft)", to allow the airport expressway in Xining section of the 6000 acres of green city of Xining to become a permanent green space, to contribute to the construction of the beautiful Xining.

by the end of 2013, Xining has completed the airport expressway (Xining section) along the demolition work, this year, Xining will comprehensively promote the construction of green landscape along the line, and complete the task of remediation. Through the comprehensive environmental treatment project, will make the airport high speed along the region become the gateway to the city regional landmark ecological landscape corridor has the "traffic trunk line, ecological landscape, the green line" three big functions, showing the high quality image of the city of plateau landscape city. In order to ensure the regional green city public green permanent property, strictly regulate the supervision and administration of the region, to eliminate all kinds of illegal behavior, Xining city will be based on the relevant provisions of the state promulgated the "measures for the administration of the beautiful garden in Xining Beishan permanent green (Draft)". Methods for the delineation of the scope of management, according to the implementation of the comprehensive renovation of the environment, to determine the scope of management, the East Gate Xiaoxia Ning Hu Ning expressway, West Qi City Interchange, South Ning expressway, Xiping expressway, mutual Road, Bayi Road, unity bridge for the community, North Green area and Northern.

in order to ensure that the properties of permanent green space does not change, the approach will be clearly defined, the airport expressway (Xining section) along the area of green land for the permanent green landscape. No unit or individual may alter the nature of the green space landscape in the area, and shall not engage in any activities such as development, construction, operation, production, lease and so on. For the destruction of green landscape behavior, set up a way to stop the infringement, restitution measures, and increase penalties for violations. (author: Rong Lijun)


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