Roasted Duck is one of the China traditional delicacy, Beijing crispy Roasted Duck more well-known is known to every family. Roast duck to win the premise of consumers must be taste, which is the most critical. So open a roast duck franchise, which item of roast duck taste unique popular?

roast duck to choose which one is better?

a hand Roasted Duck shop, founded in 2007, the company focus on inheritance, integration, innovation, integrity, win-win situation, people-oriented "business philosophy. In the economic tide, with unique flavor in the catering industry of Hunan frontier, is a set of multi project development, end of material processing and promotion of franchise business.

we know that "all rivers run into sea, to Pentium, social commitment, in order to It’s perfection itself". We see the brand, quality of life, we increase a brand publicity, a full range of skills training system for the franchise, to ensure that each franchise can inherit our corporate culture, to provide the most perfect service for every customer, at the same time to join the business never worry about.

costs can be ultra fast recovery. Because of the price range around the duck, price and profit of products are not the same, according to the national survey from the average price we calculated per chicken or duck profit when between 5-8 yuan, the average per 6 yuan. As for the number of sales, the sales situation has been joined at least more than and 100 per day can be sold, usually only more than and 200, more than the daily sales of only 500. The main way to sell its stores to shop, take away the local restaurant and cook contact and wholesale combination, the more the sale of outlets, more than ten days to recover the investment.

comprehensive training. The headquarters will conduct a comprehensive training system for the franchisee, including site selection, store layout design, marketing management strategy, technological process, cost control, health standards, market positioning, promotion, service and expansion. Join the project requires a total investment of about 20 thousand yuan, for small and medium entrepreneurs, this is a very low investment projects.

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