one is to actively promote the reform of public hospitals. Combined with the actual situation, the main tasks of the reform of public hospitals in our city, the overall goal, the main measures, and gradually achieve the classification of medical, two-way referral. Promote the separation of medical reform, standardize the distribution of drug supply, reduce the burden on the masses of medical expenses, to alleviate the people difficult and expensive to see a doctor. Promote the reform of personnel and distribution system in public hospitals, and fully mobilize and play the enthusiasm of medical staff. To promote the reform of public hospital compensation mechanism, the municipal public hospital 5 one-time investment of $145 million for the purchase of equipment. City Finance for 10 consecutive years to arrange a special fund of $20 million in the budget for public hospital reform, and from this year, the annual arrangement of 6 million yuan for various types of public health services and promote the construction and development of disciplines.

two is to increase the intensity of key projects and funds. Launched a comprehensive construction of the city hospital two phase of the project, the project has entered the construction phase. City building construction project comprehensive hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in August is expected to return to work, the use of hand over. For the central and provincial special funds 100 million 380 thousand yuan, in addition to the completion of fixed assets investment of $130 million, has completed the target task of 65%. Actively build sea lake new area comprehensive hospital construction projects, logistics park investment specialist hospital project is actively negotiating.

three is to accelerate the construction of basic health care system. The completion of the city’s new rural cooperative financing 2011, raising the new rural cooperative fund of $229 million 644 thousand. The city’s farmers participation rate reached 96.31%, the participation rate rose by more than the previous year by 1.07 percentage points. Currently, 243 thousand and 300 people have participated in the farmers, reported to pay the medical expenses of $63 million 85 thousand, for the establishment of the farmer’s health records of 996 thousand and 400 farmers, filing rate of up to 96.37%. Urban residents health archives standardized filing rate of 45%.

four is to actively promote the implementation of the basic drug system. Consolidate and promote zero rate system of essential drugs. Since last October, the city’s public basic medical institutions have implemented a zero rate of basic drugs. In the city community to do community health service stations to implement 50 kinds of basic drugs zero rate sales, through the government to purchase services and other ways to make reasonable compensation to further reduce the burden on the masses.

five is to further improve the urban and rural primary health care system. The organization of the city’s more than two medical and health institutions and public health units, carry out a full range of counterpart assistance work to further improve the basic medical and health service system services. Completed the township hospital information platform for personnel training, is stepping up the construction of LAN and system installation work. The implementation of funds 430 thousand yuan, the completion of township hospitals, village doctors and obstetrics and Gynecology knowledge training. Implementation of the new basic public health services funding 20 million yuan, per capita service funds reached $30. Physical examination for 3564 people over the age of 65. Organized a "crack down on food additives and abuse of food additives", "problem bread and bulk food rectification" and "trench oil" and other special rectification;

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