this year, Datong County in the project construction as a powerful starting point to promote the development of transportation, actively seek funds, and constantly improve the road network, improve the overall service level of transportation, to create high-quality, convenient, safe and smooth traffic environment for the people of the county, to boost the county transportation development.

it is understood that the Datong County in 2013 will determine the construction investment of 33 million 300 thousand yuan in Datong County ring road project, investment 65 million 526 thousand yuan of big Huang highway, highway and highway as far West Ditch 3 old road reconstruction project. The construction completed 19 million 550 thousand yuan investment in the treasure house of nullah bridge to Bayan highway, and accelerate the implementation of the construction mileage of four grade cement concrete pavement and drainage engineering 40.185 kilometers. In order to promote the reform of the integration of urban and rural public transport as a carrier for the implementation of bridge to the Chengguan 30 bus stop kiosks project, timely update of passenger vehicles, the elimination of backward models, and complete the Chengguan, Huang Jia Zhai in the year 2 bus station maintenance work.

in addition, the county is still further to fight efforts to increase the project implementation, is expected to invest 7 million yuan in the town’s old village to 227 national highway, 7 million 200 thousand yuan investment in the town of Changning Songjiazhuang 3 independent bridge project, invested 840 thousand yuan in the 5 seat supporting rural rural highway bridge project, invested 5 million 11 thousand yuan in the 4 rural highway the village of oil engineering, investment of 9 million 950 thousand yuan in 5 rural highway connecting engineering and investment of 24 million 670 thousand yuan of government enterprises build a model village village road hardening project. (author: Shen Lianghua)

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