In May 25th, the party held the three strict three special education lectures report, party secretary Wang Xiao to "dry at the forefront of the title, in practice, from" learning and thinking, knowing, rectification, Atsuyuki "four aspects to talk about the learning experience, leading cadres at all levels of thinking and action with the central and provincial decision-making arrangements. Deputy secretary, acting mayor Zhang Xiaorong presided over the meeting.

Wang Xiao pointed to a profound understanding of the three three real strict significance. Three strict three embodies the unity of theory and practice, history and logic logic logic, embodies the instrumental rationality and value rationality, the system of organic unity of rationality, embodies the organic unity of problem oriented, goal oriented, process oriented, has great theoretical value and practical significance. First, the theoretical connotation of the unprecedented rich. Both the "taste of Marxism Leninism", but also "Chinese fan children". The vivid use of Marx’s world outlook and methodology, the system absorbs the essence of excellent traditional culture, can be called for the Chinese Communists tailored motto, is a major breakthrough in the ruling party’s political culture. Two is the core requirements of the unprecedented profound, the most simple form of the most profound requirements, is the quality of the field of style building formula, is the party’s organization and ideological line of the party. The three is a solid foundation of practice, fully embodies the people of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with a high degree of trust in this strong public opinion foundation.

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