In order to let the public know in advance 2015 fair city, even on the first visit, the evening news reporter, for the majority of the public in advance highlights the secret, 13, reporters once again from the city will contact the organizing committee learned that this city will contact the one big surprise is worth looking forward to Internet plus. Now as the most promising and the most popular industry, Internet plus and our life will impact what kind of spark? Reporters take you to go to Xining comprehensive exhibition hall of the exhibition Internet plus a look.

[exhibition aspect]

is based on the Internet plus, in combination with modern things, travel information, tourism wisdom, Xining specialty products traceability providers and the Internet world public business, build Xining Internet plus new business models, new formats display Xining.

– how will the Internet encounter things?

in Internet plus Wulian plate, the leading mobile express company will showcase SF financial services combined with modern logistics solutions, the most safe and rapid advance of SF financial market, people want to express, want to pick up the mobile phone; mobile phone shopping, pick up; want to finance, pick up the mobile phone. Internet plus Wulian shortened more than a and the recipient of the distance, but the way of life of the optimization and upgrade. Fair city, SF launched in Internet plus Exhibition on the spot registration can enjoy a penny sent an activity, let Xining people enjoy better service and enjoy more preferential.

Internet will encounter how to travel?

in the people’s livelihood Internet plus travel sector, province famous car rental company No. nine car for the people of Xining to bring a new car rental experience, not only to subvert the traditional car, is to subvert the traditional models, WeChat Book Creative buggies, immediately experience left immediately.

Q: how will the Internet meet tourism?

in the Internet plus fashion tourism sector, people will see a change in the industry and users connected to shorten. Travel service providers will launch a mobile tour guide called "tour", so that visitors can quickly find a tour guide. On the tour, the tour guide can be independently released tourist routes, according to the needs of tourists travel about. The tour guides have brought credit qualification, for certified professional guides, and bring about the success of the tour travel by tourists are also insurance free, open security link, make travel houguwuyou.

how the Internet and electricity supplier hit a spark?

in Internet plus source electricity supplier plate, people will see through the Internet to enjoy a more safe and reliable, quality of service providers. At the beginning of this year by the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce authorized guidance Shop No. 1 Xining Museum officially started, the operating unit of Qinghai youth beauty biological resources research and Development Co. Ltd., UK Intertek of science and technology, information the traceability system onto the Internet. Shop No. 1 in Xining launched the traceability area, the quality of the products with the characteristics of data, there are standards in front of the national people. Site, you can easily scan to understand the traceability of the product information, you can also sweep directly into the Xining Museum orders.

how to stimulate the internet;

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