do you know what is "Oriental beauty"? Do you know how terrible the disease is? The 20 year old young female students suffering from Oriental beauty disease, weak legs, a little walk will feel very tired, and the doctor told this is a very dangerous disease, must be timely treatment.

20 year old girl Li Li (a pseudonym) recently often weak legs, legs are weak, fragile, like Lin Daiyu. After further examination, doctors found that Lily was not born prettily, but suffering from a rare disease called "Oriental beauty". In Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University after surgery, Lili full of youthful vigor, get rid of the fragile.



20 – year-old Li Nanjing is a university sophomore, at present. She is a little introverted, give people the feeling is weak.

"the last two years to go a little further on the tired legs, did not play out what kind of strength, and students always fall behind. So students are secretly laugh at me is lin." Lili said that the recent increase in symptoms of fatigue legs, accompanied by family members to the hospital to participate in vascular surgery.

infection in the population

is mainly women, those under the age of 30 accounted for the highest


"Takayasu arteritis belongs to rheumatism vasculitis, every year in our hospital treated four or five cases of similar patients, all female." Qin Yonglin said that foreign data show that the prevalence of the disease was 1/20 million. This disease is mainly a few prone sites, the first is the neck vascular; followed by thoracic and abdominal aorta; the third part is the renal artery, the aortic shaft and main branches are good sites, so called Takayasu arteritis.

"mainly in patients with neck vascular lesions." Qin Yonglin said that the disease occurs more frequently in Asian countries, and the incidence of women under the age of 30 is the highest, so called "Oriental beauty disease". This disease occurs in the blood vessels, resulting in vascular stenosis, occlusion or expansion, so that the organs of ischemia, infarction, resulting in organ failure or bleeding, shock, severe and even threaten the lives of patients.

The doctor warned

experts, "Oriental beauty" disease and immunity, recommended.

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