days ago, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoyihang has come to the South Bridge, Huangshuihe expensive Jiangcang Energy Developments Ltd, Baoziwan town Chengbei District Zhu Village, third sewage treatment plants, fourth sewage treatment plants, the Lake District Shanghai Based Financial Plaza construction site and 71 Road extension, to conduct research on the industry enterprises pollution control, automatic air monitoring and the contiguous rural environment remediation and water pollution control, air pollution and dust control of chromium slag contaminated soil treatment and other environmental protection work. City leaders Xu Guocheng, accompanied by Zhang Yonghai.

Wang Xiao pointed out that in the face of downward pressure on the economy, to fulfill the responsibility of the provincial capital city of Xining, co-ordination to promote economic and social development and ecological environment protection, is a severe test we face. Party committees and governments at all levels should see the results, but also to see the problem, and further enhance the governance of environmental pollution, the protection of the ecological environment and sense of urgency and responsibility.

Wang Xiaoqiang, the city party committees and governments at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere to the concept of promoting the coordination of economic and social development to protect the ecological priority, adhere to green development, development cycle, low carbon development, at the same time, strengthen the propaganda and education and guide public opinion, the formation of new social advocate ecological civilization yet.

Wang Xiao requirements, to control the province’s eco environmental inspection checklist, pay close attention to the implementation of the rectification task. We must focus our efforts on improving the quality of the work of protecting the environment and strengthening the people’s efforts to achieve environmental protection, with the greatest efforts, with the greatest efforts and the greatest efforts. Environmental protection departments should stand up, dare to touch, strengthen law enforcement efforts to crack down on environmental violations, the new play "environmental protection law" the history of the most stringent power. To actively use the market mechanism. Innovative third party governance mechanism, the direct responsibility of polluters into indirect economic responsibility, improve the efficiency of regulation and pollution control, energy conservation and environmental protection industry development. Explore the establishment of natural resources assets property rights system, for the ecological compensation between different subjects, ecological products trading, carbon emissions trading conditions. Vigorously develop green finance, will form a beautiful scenery into the pattern and mechanism of gold and silver mines.


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