November 26th, held in Xining City West District standing committee, to learn, to convey the spirit of the eighteen, and the implementation of the spirit of the eighteen specific arrangements.

West District will report from eighteen in the discovery and grasp of national policies to seize the opportunity, will continue to increase support for the central and western regions, to broaden the field of private capital investment, the construction of the beautiful China policy oriented, pay close attention to planning packaging reserve a number of major projects on time, increase funding for the project. Not only that, the West will also fully protect and improve people’s livelihood, planning the current and next year’s work. Right now, the west district to ensure that the masses of warm winter as the focus, to the difficulties of the masses of the diagnostic investigation, at the same time to carry out "poverty alleviation warmth activities.

West District will also set up a mission, the public lecture, etc., organized a series of people loved the preaching activities, so that the eighteen major spirit into the enterprise, into the countryside, into the campus, into the community. (author: Wu Yachun)

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