Xining will build a new urban ecological pattern;

the doorstep to build Forest Park;The beautiful garden scenery

the "NPC and CPPCC" during the evening news exclusive to connect the Forestry Department of Xining City, heard a good news and an exciting.

Xining "Central Park" to start building

– a core: start the implementation of green core construction of Forest Park. City "green core", the public is not familiar with the vocabulary, are proposed in the ecological construction in our city, I will build larger city concentrated green space, to build the city "green core", nourish the city green lung, which means that the people of Xining will have their own "Central Park".

– two screen: to vigorously promote the Lajishan and Dabanshan two green ecological barrier construction, strengthen the North South Shan three green building.

– three Corridor: in the Huangshui River, Nanchuan River and Beichuan River as the basis, the construction of three ecological green corridor.

Xining to bid for the Expo Garden

– to declare the project construction of ecological park of Xining city national. After the approval of the State Forestry Administration, timely implementation.

– bid for the garden expo. Organize the preparation of the park Expo program, according to the procedures for reporting.

– to promote the three green project south mountain. Complete the three north-south mountain afforestation 54 thousand and 280 acres; implementation of the transformation of forest 10 thousand acres and 15 thousand acres of degraded forest rehabilitation; Nanshan area completed 387 km green road reconstruction, the implementation of 166 thousand acres of woodland tending and maintenance management.

– the implementation of urban greening construction and transformation of landscape upgrade. The city completed 13 main street and center square, square and green landscape renovation of Xinning Changqing Garden; the implementation of the Huangshui River and Nanchuan riverside waterline, beishan;

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