July 24th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce according to the distribution of unit voluntary commitment to ensure the quality of products, by the public and the Xining Liquor Industry Association experts in Xining city for the first time awarded the "Hetao Laojiao", "lite", "Kroraina red", "West cellar", "Tibetan Kangba", "apricot wells" series of wine as the "2009 Xining City liquor circulation market assured wine brand recommended".

in order to "assured wine" project, alcohol marketing person in charge of the unit commitment to the community through the media: guarantee quality, qualified for the Xining wine market, also welcomed the consumer and media supervision. In order to make the Xining City liquor market more standardized and orderly, consumers have a better wine consumption environment, Xining Wine Industry Association official said it would strengthen the recommended brand tracking management, will also accept the relevant units and organizations for publicity, review, let more "assured wine" to enter the market.


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