This year, our province graduates will reach 14 thousand and 100 people, plus foreign graduates of universities at 4000, the previous precipitation 2700 people, the province has nearly 21 thousand college graduates in need of employment. Faced with the new situation and new challenges, the province will do a good job in the employment of college graduates? Recently, the reporter visited the provincial human resources and social security department director Yang Yi.

two "special mention" skills for brains

on the civil service examination and recruitment institutions, many people are concerned about the introduction of Yang Yi, the provincial government attaches great importance to the examination of recruitment, in the premise of resolutely control team to streamline the series, through structural optimization, identified in 2014 for the examination of civil servants and public institution staff recruitment plan. The open examination and recruitment this year in 9 batches, has started implementing a plan. In the work, continue to adhere to the principle of openness, equality, competition and have both ability and political integrity, preferred with standard, in accordance with the requirements of stability and development of the province’s reform, to meet the needs of grass-roots work and promote the employment of college graduates employment especially in combination, strengthen organizational leadership, meticulous organization, to grasp the rhythm of work, in close coordination and cooperation, adhere to the public examination, strict security management, promote kaolugongzuo standardized and institutionalized, ensure the recruitment work smoothly into the examination this year;

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