in accordance with the construction of the city’s culture "six plus four" General requirements, Xining City Forestry Bureau will focus on promoting clean culture into the area as the work of the clean government culture construction, elaborate organization construction, landscape planning and landscape design, park management and other departments in-depth research, many arguments, make up the park area the actual construction of "honest culture the scenic area planning", pay attention to the organic integration of elegant natural landscape and fresh clean government culture, the fusion of cultural elements in the park landscape, theme park and Nanshan scenic area planning and construction, efforts to build a clean government culture demonstration garden feature rich scenic spots.

2013, Municipal Bureau of forestry has been built in the Qaidam Park "plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum" and "scenic spots, Xingzhi Park Ten thousand steeds gallop." musical attractions, wild zoo "Yun Juyuan", people’s Park, Nanshan park attractions Sun Zhongshan monument of local folk culture and the cultural attractions of stage on the basis of further mining area the scenic spots and cultural resources, and strive to create three independent cultural attractions. First, cultural park honest cultural attractions. The scenic area is close to the five peak scenic spot design academy, take stone landscape wall, stone culture stone and iron combination of paper-cut form of ancient culture. Two Nanshan park is a cultural landscape. The scenic spot is located in the park, the park, with "Yang Qi, advocating Qin Lian, promote harmony" as the theme, through the combination of landscape wall and landscape stone to show the content of honest and clean government culture. The three is the cultural attractions of Hehuang park. The attractions to the low, often in a regular flower, low language often song as the theme, through the scene in the wall depicting meilanzhuju pattern and the poetry in the book of ancient stone, carved low language, allowing visitors to Silian in subtle financial scene. (author: Liu Qingyu)

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