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March 23rd, the seven session of the five provincial Federation plenary meeting was informed that in 2016, the Provincial Federation will be closely linked to the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, organize and mobilize the majority of the province’s life, literary and art workers deeply rooted people, steadily promote the brand to create art works, to create fine art in Qinghai. The Chinese version of "Gesar" publishing and "Qinghai Ping Xian", "Huangnan opera drama" brand in the column.

it is understood that the Provincial Federation to create art boutique focused on art, calligraphy, photography, music, poetry and drama, traditional villages set up stalls survey and minority literature creation and other fields. Among them, the preparations for the convening of 2016 Chinese Qinghai Huangnan · Ching international poet tent Roundtable; will complete the "Dayton’s prophecy" Vyakarana "hero" and "horse race" King born three "Gesar" of the Chinese version of the publication; according to the State Council "on a number of policy support" opera development, support local opera the development of Qinghai to build string troupes, Huangnan, Tibetan drama brand. Also in the volunteer day for the node, to carry out cultural sympathy, folk songs, counseling and creation; carry out a hundred pieces of old and disabled people portrait into the hundreds of series of activities; the teen drama stage of comprehensive practical activities and green Zhejiang folk songs and musicians "Qinghai art house into the village name" sketch exhibition, creative launched more people, reflect the spirit of the times, carry forward the spirit of Qinghai’s outstanding works.


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