January 20th, as one of the province’s strategic emerging industries, with a total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan Qinghai new energy power and energy storage battery project officially put into operation. The project put into operation in the development of solar photovoltaic, wind power industry in our province, provides a reliable energy storage medium, to achieve the province from the province of lithium resources to the new energy industry, high-tech province.

it is understood that our province lithium reserves ranks first in the country, Saline Lake lithium resources of the world total 1/3, its resource reserves is not only big, but high quality, is an ideal place for investment in the lithium industry, at the same time, Qinghai is also abundant sunshine, with much land and few people, the development of photovoltaic industry. In recent years, the ideas of industrial development of the provincial government, large group led large project support, cluster development, the park hosts the lead, a large number of excellent photovoltaic enterprises and storage enterprises have settled in Qinghai.

August 2012, Qinghai times new energy group in Nanchuan Industrial Park started construction of power lithium battery, lithium battery energy storage and other high-tech product development, manufacturing and sales base. The total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan, planning and construction in three phases to complete, after the completion of the entire project, with an annual output of 5GWh battery, and realize the integration of battery, motor and electric, battery management system and large power bidirectional converter, so as to form the value chain of terminal production and sales of independent brand of electric cars, large and medium-sized storage system. Among them, the first phase of the project total investment of 1 billion 900 million yuan, is expected to produce 1.5GWh power and energy storage battery.


project provides a reliable storage medium for the development of solar photovoltaic, wind power industry in our province, the lithium industry, wind power industry to achieve the organic integration, to build a new energy industry cluster in our province, Qinghai province from lithium resources into the new energy industry strong province high-tech laid the foundation.


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