Xining City Public Security Bureau police for the people’s livelihood as an important content of the public security reform work, to actively respond to the people’s needs and hope as the starting point, to protect the safety and service of people’s livelihood combined with continuous improvement methods, efforts to improve the ability to serve the people of the city’s public security organs.

Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee, the city’s public security organs to push forward the reform of household registration system, improve the online service platform, service management, and vigorously promote the innovation of intelligent transportation construction and other aspects, and actively implement the "one network", "network" service mode, to provide service for the masses inquiry; strengthen and improving the window service work, delegated approval authority, simplifying approval procedures, clear approval time, improve processing efficiency, focus on the introduction of a number of new measures to benefit, take concrete actions to win the trust, improve public satisfaction. (author: Chen Ning)


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