to do the house insulation, remediation surrounding environment, we are particularly pleased." These two days, Pang Honglian living in the park is a comprehensive renovation of shanty towns, which makes people living here excited. Because this year was included in the shantytowns and happy, as well as the original three residents built three rivers district. See shantytowns project received extensive support from the masses, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that the housing is sincere words and earnest wishes, people’s basic needs and basic requirements, shantytowns and low-income housing construction is a major project to improve people’s livelihood. The support of the masses and recognition is more encouraging is the power, we must strict quality, grasp every detail, truly government transformation of a group, a group of people recognized, a number of people are satisfied, so that more people from worry to live, to live.

August 29th morning, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Wang Ping and the development and reform, finance, land, planning, construction and other departments into the macro park area, the tiger Taiwan area, the original three building Sanhe District, Xining Railway Station reconstruction and related engineering project relocation area, supervision shantytowns and low-income housing construction project. Wang Yubo stressed that shantytowns and affordable housing construction is not only an important measure to improve people’s livelihood, but also an important measure to expand domestic demand, the central and provincial attaches great importance to. Xining Province as the focus of transformation and construction of the region, which is both caring and demanding, but also the task and opportunity. We need to follow the spirit of the party’s eighteen and the new expectations of the people, seize the opportunity to accelerate the transformation of shanty towns and affordable housing construction work.

will further increase the shantytowns and low-income housing construction efforts, Wang Yubo stressed, to raise awareness, the shantytowns and low-income housing construction in the work of the government more important position, an important work for the development of the city, as an important part of city functions. To strengthen confidence, seize the opportunity, find out the base, inverted time, fine initiatives, adhere to the first-class quality standard, improve people’s living conditions, improve the quality of living, promote the city development fundamentally. To emancipate the mind, increase the shantytowns and affordable housing construction financing efforts, give full play to the initiative of the urban government and the two parties, urban linkage, social participation, and jointly promote. Real estate sector to strengthen supervision, led the establishment of various departments monthly consultation system, strengthen coordination, strengthen supervision, to ensure progress. To fully listen to the views of the people, benefit people’s livelihood and public opinion, the shantytowns and affordable housing construction made the people most in need, the most recognized popular project. (reporter Sheng Nan)


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