reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, recently, a month in 2016 the province’s college graduates employment service month, the curtain fell. The province’s public employment and personnel service institutions at all levels of college graduates registered 3232, organized a special job fair 48 (Times), the release of employment information, signed a preliminary agreement on employment intentions of the 1132 copies of the 6051. Provide assistance to 1428 aid workers, of which 644 college graduates to achieve employment difficulties.

in the employment service month period, the province’s cities (state) around the "real name registration services to help more and more accurate, the employment of college graduates" theme, the focus from carry out real name registration, strengthen employment services, to carry out special employment training, increase efforts to support entrepreneurship, strengthen job training, focus on helping, broaden publicity path seven work with full functions, based on the basic responsibilities, strengthen the service concept, for the employment of college graduates leave school to provide a full range of employment service. A total of 31 field activities carried out special training, training 2106 college graduates to provide employment guidance; 2489 people; to provide employment of college graduates trainee positions 384, 207 people participate in job training; all kinds of brochures (goods) issued 40800 copies, hold the employment of university graduates, typical deeds tour report activities and field observation activities 7.

College Graduates Employment Service Month activities after the end of the province at all levels of the public employment service agencies and personnel will continue to implement the relevant policies, provide employment services for the unemployed to meet the conditions, to achieve employment as soon as possible.


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