As of 2015 November, the province has been built in the pre-sale permit the sale of commercial housing area of 7 million 449 thousand square meters, according to the five years before the average sales of 3 million square meters, the sale of commercial housing to the stock cycle in 2 years. In addition, there are 8 million 38 thousand and 500 square meters in the province under construction, according to the province’s current sale and construction of commercial housing, the province actively take measures to reduce inventory, in order to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market.It is reported that

I give full play to enterprise autonomy, allow enterprises to adjust the project to support real estate development enterprises to carry out a variety of business support, enterprise will hold its stock listings on the rental market, or in the new housing project in the long held part of the housing for lease to the market. At the same time, further easing the burden on enterprises, including the streamlining of the real estate development process of the various charges, but also to promote the healthy and stable development of the market.  

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