The implementation of Zhoujia Quan Jianguo Road community office Chengdong District of Xining city

"half past four project", is welcomed by residents.

satisfied on the third grade primary school, parents are working, usually very busy. Happy every day at half past four in the afternoon after school, before is the grandmother, but grandma is not good now, not then triumphantly after school, it can be difficult to bad parents triumphantly. "If the child has a special transfer from school in the afternoon." Many parents will be reflected in this issue to the founding of the road community.

in view of this situation, the implementation of the "half past four engineering community decision" (i.e., daycare). The community will be sent to the staff of children from school safety community, by the staff to supervise the children to do their homework, but also in the community to participate in a number of useful sports activities, reading interesting extra-curricular books. Parents to pick up children in the community before 18:30.

Road Community Manager Gao Zhemei said, after the parents send their children to the community daycare, the community staff will ask parents to fill out a detailed address, school address, contact phone number, and they will be the teachers and parents to sign the agreement, parents can rest assured the safety of the children. If necessary, the community will also set up a small table to solve the problem of children’s eating, the community only charge the basic management fees.

at present, community daycare formal classes, with the intention of parents and community please contact, Tel:

8134515, 18997180430.


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