investors need to always pay attention to market dynamics, master first-hand investment information, to be able to make the most sensible choice. Jewelry industry is now the fashion jewelry store to join the good project? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

A, I jewelry


the accessories originated from when foreign popular "dollar stores", and take the fashion jewelry and dollar stores combined to create the first Chinese fresh girl the jewelry store image of a dollar series, and become the world’s leading girl personal items experts, established the most successful domestic franchising the. Founder Li Hai has Canada University of Victoria business overseas experience, access to the world famous marketing mode, and adhere to the franchisees and customers as the main, the hope will build into the jewelry industry "WAL-MART".

two, true man jewelry

character, straightforward, courageous, freedom and unique way of expression, is the color of my life style is not the same, not the same as me, is true  man, sit up and take notice; feiwomoshu! Brave to create the most wonderfull life, with a humanistic attitude to create the most sincere heart male wonderful emotional needs, to pursue and explore, create and convey to love freedom, fantasy, brave, honest man with the most deep understanding.

from an independent kingdom male jewelry, avant-garde design, nature novel, attention to detail, with rich design elements and new urban male mentality will take care of out of the ordinary life, show the taste and personality between the bit out of the ordinary, to create a unique male jewelry kingdom.

three, ITALINA


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