recently, Shandong province in rural entrepreneurship to get rich on the issue of a big foot, in order to further promote entrepreneurship in rural areas, improve the local training mechanism to help people succeed in business.

A, establish a management mechanism. The development of rural entrepreneurship star selection and management advice, clear selection of management practices, improve rural practical talents training, service, evaluation, incentive mechanism. Recently, will be in accordance with the production, management, technical services, social services, skills led five talents standard, from agricultural production line selection in Xintai City Star Village of 30 people, the establishment of rural practical talent pool.

two, strengthen personnel training. Regularly carry out new vocational farmers entrepreneurship training, nurturing entrepreneurial talent. In May, 80 rural leaders preferred to attend the Shandong Agricultural University held a provincial new occupation farmer entrepreneurship training, promoted to the village committee members are leaders of rural management and service level, increase a policy, can understand business, good management, will manage the rich leaders.

three, strengthen the typical drive. First, the use of news media, networks and other timely propaganda and reporting of outstanding rural practical talents advanced deeds, advocating a typical tree, expand the influence of entrepreneurial talent in rural areas, to promote a number of rural youth. Two is to play the loude Changxin agricultural demonstration garden, stone Laitai Tea Industrial Park, modern agricultural park and Qi agricultural cloud providers electricity supplier industry base, driven by the impact of modern agriculture development of the masses, strengthening rural practical talents. At present, the city’s total rural Star 2 people, Tai’an City Star Village 5 people (excluding the new year to declare 4 people), outstanding rural practical talents in Xintai city of 203 people, 21 villages and towns around the city streets, in their respective industry development has made good achievements, promote local agricultural and rural economic development.

now throughout the rural areas to promote entrepreneurship in different ways, at the same time, although in different ways, but the goal is the same, is to do everything possible to help people achieve business goals.


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