speaking of the changes in the urban environment in Xining, the deepest impression is still living here more than 220 people of all ethnic groups. Among them, whether it is on the way to school children, or courtyard along the elderly, or in the office occasionally through the window glass eyes, all surprised at the Xining city green blue, more rich more thoroughly, more transparent, clean more warm blue change. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to create a national environmental protection model city as the carrier, vigorously implement the key environmental protection projects, earnestly implement the total control and pollution reduction task, the work has made positive progress, the city’s environmental quality improvement. Good air quality days reached 315 days, good rate of up to 86.07%. Small Xiakou section water for 10 consecutive months to reach IV water quality requirements, water quality compliance rate of 83%, the overall decline in the concentration of major pollutants. Xining is trying to do in the development of protection, in the protection of development, and strive to achieve economic development and environmental protection win-win situation, all for the people to build a more livable life of the city, the city of happiness.

pollution reduction

adjust the economic structure

to take a number of measures to adjust the economic structure, change the mode of development, improve people’s livelihood as an important starting point, and gradually improve the quality of the environment, solving regional environmental problems, continue to strengthen pollution reduction, increase efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, promote the transformation of economic development mode, promote the coordinated development of economy and environment. In 2012, according to the provincial government issued a total amount of major pollutants emission reduction targets, in April the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau reported to the municipal government, the Xining total emissions of major pollutants in the plan in 2012. Actively promote the implementation of emission reduction measures, formulated the "Xining city in 2012 the main pollutant total control decomposition plan and implementation plan", the total will be down to the county and key industrial enterprises, signed letters of responsibility with the focus on emission reduction units, 7 emission reduction of key enterprises issued a reduction of prize money up 750 thousand yuan. Take pollution reduction weekly, monthly, quarterly periodic reporting system, early warning notice, interviews and other legal measures, careful supervision and supervision, grasp the implementation of emission reduction targets. On the city’s 8 sewage treatment plants focused on the operation, online management and other theoretical and field management training. Supervise the completion of Xining;

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