water pollution incident occurred in Lanzhou in 2014, the city’s drinking water safety issues once again aroused widespread concern in the community. Xining drinking water safety, water quality standards, Xining in the protection of drinking water sources to do what? With many questions of the public, the reporter interviewed the two sessions in Xining, Xining CPPCC members, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Zhang Junlu.

Zhang Junlu said that at present, the main source of drinking water in Xining city in Datong and Huangzhong. Among them, the Xining reservoir is the largest black water, the only surface water supply, but also the future of Xining’s main water supply. Xining underground water is mainly distributed in the rural residential areas of Datong and Huangzhong, the original living garbage, farmers farming fertilization, as well as illegal river sand is the main source of groundwater pollution. In this regard, Datong County and Huangzhong county government to clean up all the affected areas of waste water, has cleaned up hundreds of tons of domestic waste and construction waste. In fourth, fifth, sixth and 4 of the underground water DOPA water source region of sand mining behavior, crack down, at present, the water source area of the underground areas illegal sand mining basically cleared, some remaining bunkers recovered.

black spring reservoir, is the largest and only surface water source in Xining. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments of the country, in the future to gradually close the underground water sources, to surface water supply. Therefore, the Xining reservoir is the largest reservoir of water supply in the future. Zhang Junlu said, in order to ensure the safety of the Heiquan reservoir, relevant departments to invest about 5700000 yuan, two public security checkpoints built in the upstream and downstream of the reservoir, and the direction of the chase from Menyuan via a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, to eliminate hazardous chemicals transport vehicles through the reservoir area, the maximum extent to reduce the risk of sudden events. Judging from the recent situation, the role of public security checkpoints gradually revealed that the transport of dangerous chemicals vehicles significantly reduced. In addition, the reservoir along the temple village, Russian Botou village, Kong Jialiang and Bayan village in the contiguous rural environment remediation projects, reduce the harm of sewage, garbage and feces of livestock farmers through the project of reservoir water.

Provincial Department of water resources and the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau set up water quality monitoring stations in the black springs reservoir, 24 hours uninterrupted monitoring of water quality and water quality in the reservoir area, real-time grasp of various types of data. Judging from the current situation, Xining drinking water quality standards, centralized drinking water quality compliance rate of 100%. Currently, Xining is revising the drinking water management approach, through laws and regulations to protect the safety of drinking water sources,

Zhang Junlu said, Xining daily water supply of 300 thousand tons, of which the black spring reservoir daily supply of 50 thousand tons. In the future, the size of the daily water supply in Xining reached 700 thousand tons, mainly by the source of water supply to solve the reservoir. In order to completely solve the drinking water source of the reservoir is not affected, Xining reservoir resettlement program will be developed, the impact of the reservoir area of the implementation of the relocation of 3 villages. At the same time, actively coordinate the Provincial Communications Department, to speed up the construction of national highway 569 line, in the future, to the direction of the vehicle will pass from Menyuan Dong Xia Town, not into the Heiquan reservoir.


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