March 29th, the Xining disabled persons working committee (enlarged) meeting held. The meeting stressed that people with disabilities to start from the subtle point of view, starting from the visible place. It is of great significance to build a harmonious society and build a beautiful Xining.

the meeting pointed out that the disabled social security work, to adhere to the inclusive plus preferential way to construct the fair social security system for the disabled, disabled people continue to expand the coverage of social security, efforts to improve the social security level, truly "Yingbaojinbao, are entitled to enjoy, should help make aid". Vigorously promote the equalization of services for the disabled, expanding the scope of services for people with disabilities, and gradually achieve the enjoyment of rehabilitation services for everyone, so that more people feel the warmth of the community. People with disabilities is a complicated social system engineering, is the bounden duty of the party committees and governments at all levels, the majority of the disabled workers to carry forward the humanitarian, honesty, service, dedication to the disabled are thinking, anxious people are anxious, to help the disabled solution, required for the disabled. The mass organizations should play their own advantages and the role, strive to create a good society everyone understand, respect, care, support and help the disabled, create a whole society to jointly promote the strong atmosphere of the development of persons with disabilities. (author: Zheng Sizhe)

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