According to the

Commission Group No. [2012]82 "on Further Strengthening the education and training of Party members of the class of 2012 notice" requirements, September 3rd to 7, held 2012 bliss township party education and training classes, the meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the township party committee Comrade Ma Haizhen. All Party members, village committee members of the team, the township government of all Party members and cadres attended the training class, set off a new upsurge in the learning activities.

in the training class opening ceremony, deputy secretary of the township party committee and government mayor Comrade Liu Qinglin made a mobilization speech, the purpose and significance of training courses conducted in-depth explanation; and hope that through this training, so that we have a new improvement, new changes, also hope to make new contributions in the new Bliss the construction of "unity, harmony, beauty and development" in!


the training teacher invited Xiang county school system knowledge training of Party Constitution, clean government, social management innovation and the building of grassroots organizations; and invited the county credit union staff of rural credit project related knowledge of the lecture.

this training course theme is outstanding, orderly, the atmosphere is strong, the effect is obvious, achieved the anticipated goal. The participants generally felt that the training course for the great harvest, the township cadres with the oil, electricity, energy savings, to grasp the future work and build a strong ideological foundation, lay the foundation, provide organizational guarantee.


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