In October 24th, reporters from the province’s rural migrant children on the seventh meeting of the working group learned that at present, the province has established "migrant children’s home in 292, they become the main front caring migrant children activities. At present, the province’s 292 "migrant children’s home", the provincial 140, 80 municipal, county level 72. The province’s 6085 caring mother, for the left behind children to send 23 thousand emotional care and material help. Our province to carry out a variety of activities to care for the children left behind, so that they benefit from. In order to consolidate and expand the "migrant children’s home to create work, on the basis of consolidation has been created in 140 provincial" migrant children’s home on the achievements of our province will create 30 provincial "migrant children’s home", by telephone, equipped with sports equipment, such as computer, meet the migrant children desire for affection, intellectually curious and happy life and other needs, let the migrant children’s home has become an important position in migrant children get more care, so that more migrant children get family care and social care.  

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