February 19th, the reporter learned from the provincial civil affairs work conference, in 2014, the province plans to invest 4 billion 250 million yuan in civil affairs undertakings, focusing on doing the work of the focus of the civil affairs of the eight. At the same time, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau won the title of advanced units of the 2013 annual civil affairs work in advanced areas and welfare lottery sales.

reporter learned from the meeting, our province plans to 2014 annual investment of 4 billion 250 million yuan (excluding civil affairs expenses of rural reconstruction project funds 550 million yuan, an increase of 5%), the civil affairs investment project funds 631 million yuan, to co-ordinate arrangements for the social service project 185, focus on eight priorities.

in 2014, the province to accelerate the construction of pension service system as the focus, to promote the overall development of social welfare. This year, the provincial government to develop pension services as one of the ten livelihood projects, specifically to make arrangements for the deployment. At the same time, our province in order to strengthen and improve the minimum living security work as the focus, efforts to achieve social fairness to carry out relief work; ninth Village (neighborhood) general election as the focus, continue to deepen the grassroots social governance system reform; to enhance the capacity of disaster prevention and mitigation as the focus, do a solid job in emergency rescue and disaster relief work; to to deepen the reform of resettlement of demobilized soldiers as the focus, to enhance the level of special care and protection in order to promote the reform of funeral service support; as the focus, continue to regulate the special social affairs management; to implement the Research Cooperation Department of the province as the focus, accelerate the construction of service facilities; to carry out the mass line of educational practice is the key to enhance the service efficiency.

meeting also commended the 2013 annual civil affairs work in advanced areas, the work of the civil affairs unit advanced units, the annual civil affairs information advanced areas of the province, the province’s welfare lottery issued in the advanced areas of.

finally, the Provincial Department of civil affairs and the 8 cities, the State Bureau of civil affairs signed the responsibility of the civil work objectives of the year 2014.


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