In order to improve the employment environment for migrant workers, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, the North District Bureau of human resources and social security to protect the rights and interests of migrant workers, as of June this year, the region received a total of 52 cases of labor supervision complaints, involving 264 workers, for the workers wages 1 million 432 thousand and 300 yuan.

this year, the city will be settled in the Northern District of migrant workers wages placed in a prominent position in the business, to take a variety of measures to ensure that the rights of migrant workers work. The region received a total of 52 cases of labor supervision complaints, including migrant workers wage arrears cases of complaints from the beginning, involving the number of 247 people in 40. Urge 83 companies signed a labor contract of 6223 people, the signing rate of 88%, urging the signing of a collective labor contract of the 40 companies.

in addition, the Department of human resources in the north of the city strictly enforce the labor dispute handling procedures, review of the case and mediation arbitration, arbitration, arbitration, arbitration, arbitration, and strive to improve efficiency. So that all kinds of labor and personnel disputes have been properly controlled, the legitimate rights and interests of workers and employers are fully protected. Currently, a total of 19 cases of labor disputes accepted, involving the number of 19 people, involving an amount of $3 million 323 thousand, within the time limit of 100%.


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