recently, the twelfth Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-eighth meeting of the provincial audit department at the provincial level "2015 annual budget implementation and other financial revenue and expenditure audit report" is proposed to increase the problem of repeated trial repeat offenders responsibility efforts.

for some common audit report and repeated trial repeat offenders, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee members put forward specific opinions and suggestions, the audit departments to seriously study, to find the root of common problems and repeated investigations, from the system mechanism, serious processing. To increase the intensity of audit accountability, accountability to be transparent, fair, fair and open. On the typical, major issues should be entrusted to the rectification of the third party assessment, assessment results submitted to the audit department, the people’s government and the NPC Standing Committee to supervise. To continue to improve the audit mechanism, improve the coverage of the audit, the focus of the Department and the comprehensive audit of funds, select the outstanding issues of the departments and units to the provincial people’s Congress for a special report. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the application of audit results, so that the audit results play a greater role in regulating economic operation and promoting economic development.


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