In June 11th, the first tour of Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge after the end of the second stage of the competition, the Qinghai Lake poetry square sounded soothing music. Music, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, the famous poet Gio de Maja’s poem, I, snow leopard…… "To rainy Qinghai Lake adds a moving, a warm.

before the beginning of the poetry recitation, the Qinghai Lake has been prepared for poetry reading, clouds and the lake together, it seems like waiting for visitors to recite the same. "When the meteor across my body at the moment – bright light, my fur – burning flame as the snow." When the famous reader reads the first two sentences, the audience has been brought to the scene. Although the pitter patter of the rain in the bucket, but everyone stood quietly listening to in situ. The clear water of the lake of Qinghai and the relief of the poetry reciting sound each other, attracted a group of listeners.

"poetry is full of reverence for life, full of love for snow leopard." A tourist after listening to poetry reading excitedly told reporters, Gio de Maja with a profound literary background and the feelings of this piece of land in Qinghai, depicting the plateau of the king of snow leopard all. He said: "after listening to poetry is moved, touched the poet’s delicate, touched the poet’s sincere feelings, touched the poet’s call for animal protection."

it is understood that in 2007, a national level to protect endangered wild animal foraging for injured animals, snow leopard, Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Hainan province county of Qie Ji Xiang Qi Village capture, this is the first time to capture the snow leopard in Qinghai province for many years. The past two years, Sanjiang in Qinghai Province, along the source of the Yellow River also found many snow leopard. According to the Qinghai Provincial Wildlife Protection Administration official said, snow leopard down the mountain village foraging, which shows that with the improvement of the ecological environment, snow leopard population in Qinghai has increased. To this end, Gio de Maja wrote, I, snow leopard…… To George · Schaller.

although when the rain, but poetry has lasted more than half an hour, the audience together more, read poetry after many listeners also kept saying: "time is too fast, I really want to listen to this poem."


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