in order to further ensure the stability of market price, the market of goods is enough, people can feel at ease consumption, recently in Qinghai Province, the price supervision and inspection and inspection personnel of the Anti Monopoly Bureau of supervision and inspection of the city districts, more than one market, found that farmers market order, farm product prices steady.

inspection group first came to the east area of Kangxi market, farmers market People are hurrying to and fro. very lively, learned in the inquiry of individual stalls, before and after the Spring Festival vegetable prices stable, no significant gains in the market, all kinds of vegetables, meat supply is normal, no people, grab the goods stockpile phenomenon, the market order in order. It is understood that the average price of vegetables in the western market is less than the city’s major vegetable retail market. Then check the group saw in Cao Zhai market, each booth to strictly implement the price publicity system, each of the booths are based on daily market prices to change their publicity booth price tag, to facilitate the understanding of daily vegetables.

it is understood that the east district jurisdiction of three major farmers market stalls selling cattle and mutton also Yijiangdaibu policy, implement good stalls to subsidize the price policy. So in the security on the basis of price butcher earnings remained in a stable condition. It is understood that the vegetable stalls booth fee subsidy policy is expected to continue until April.

, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau, the Bureau will continue after the districts of Xining farmers market supervision and inspection, to ensure market order, farm product prices stable.


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